Revitalizing Rosemary Peppermint Dead Sea Salt Soak


RachelMade Decadent Dead Sea Salt Soak in Revitalizing Rosemary Peppermint is for anyone who wants to soak in all of the benefits of soothing Dead Sea Minerals along with the revitalizing aromas of organic Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils. Imported from the Dead Sea in Israel, the mineral content of RachelMade Decadent Dead Sea Salt Soak is considerably higher than other available bath salts (such as epsom), containing up to: 35% Magnesium Chloride, 26% Potassium Chloride, 4% Sodium Chloride and a bevy of other skin-nourishing minerals such as Bromide, Sulfate, and Calcium Chloride. You will emerge from your bath feeling reinvigorated and oh-so-soft.

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